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Orofacial Harmonization

Orofacial harmonization treats both the oral cavity and the patient’s face, harmonizing it.
Treatment can be functional and / or aesthetic.
Several layers of the face are treated with threads, fillers, botulinum toxin, stimulators, surgeries, among other interventions.
Some the result is immediate but others have to wait for a while to get a satisfactory result.
Interventions will depend on each case as well as the quantity of product.
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We should not fear the dentist !

The recommended thing is to go to the dentist every six months. For some it is a nightmare for childhood trauma, others for some disappointment in some treatment but modern dentistry has changed. We have qualified professionals and diverse techniques to give greater comfort to our patients. Best senpre
prevent than to treat, it’s cheaper and promotes better oral quality. Postponing the visit to the dentist can be more expensive and even cause tooth loss.








Many are afraid of pain.
Dental fears usually end up in a vicious circle. People start with a small problem and with time it gets worse, making it much more complex. What was simple to solve became a “snowball”.

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